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He Walked Into Our Hearts

When Beth Dresing and Craig Goodman married later in life, they weren’t sure if they wanted to adopt - until they met Sebastian through a Kidsave program

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Beth Dresing, and Craig Goodman, of Rockville, Maryland, talked about wanting a family but didn't know if adoption was right for them. Craig, 60, who had three daughters from a previous marriage, and Beth, 50, who volunteered with Kidsave, an organization that promotes adopting older children, decided to host a child for five weeks through Kidsave's Summer Miracles program to help them make a decision.

In July 2010, Sebastian walked into their lives - and into their hearts. They adopted him, and both say he's brought them even closer together and made their lives richer. "A lot of people think if you're over 45 you can't adopt," said Dresing. "You might not be able to adopt an infant, but there are a lot of terrific older kids out there."