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Sow the Seeds of Health and Happiness

Learning to love yourself, little by little, day by day.


by Patricia Moreno

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You know you can’t plant an apple seed and get a pear. Just as you know that when you toss a ball in the air, it is coming down. Or that the sun rises and sets every single day. 

These are laws of nature.

Well, did you also know that you can’t get happy with fear-based thoughts? Or criticize yourself enough to one day wake up feeling proud and confident?

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Your thoughts are seeds that bear fruit. Are you sowing the seeds of health and happiness, or disease and discomfort?

The way to make the shift from damaging thoughts to ones that inspire you is gratitude and appreciation. That’s because you can’t be grateful and critical at the same time. Focusing on gratitude instead of criticizing your body will shift your perception of yourself, inspiring new actions, behaviors, choices and experiences. New fruit. 

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If you are ready to stop the insanity of self-judgment, try these tips:

Practice accepting compliments. How often have you inwardly rolled your eyes when someone gave you a compliment? Or maybe you deflected it. Learn to simply pause, breathe, and let the words in and feel grateful for the compliment. Let it touch your heart.

Focus on one thing that you really like about yourself. If you are a perfectionist—no matter what you do it is not good enough—you will never let yourself appreciate and enjoy where you are. Next time you hear yourself say something is not good enough, remember that progress is more important than perfection. When you catch yourself engaging in negative self-talk, stop and ask yourself if you would speak to a young child in the same way. In the shower while you are washing your body, thank it for all it does. When you are putting lotion on your face, close your eyes, massage the lotion in and say an affirmation like “May I see the truth about me, no matter how beautiful it is.”

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It takes practice and mindfulness to see yourself differently. You have to train to speak to yourself in a positive and loving way. But unless you do you this, you will never be able to experience real self-confidence. 

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