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Reflections: Canada Geese Sunset

When the sky pinks up, it’s time to head outdoors, drink it in, and think about your life

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Canada geese fly off into the distance during a vivid sunset. The Black Water Refuge, in Maryland’s Chesapeake region, is home to an incredible array of wildlife, and a really fun place to bring a nice camera and a long lens.

Photo Tip: Sometimes the best images are not far from home. This is a tough concept for a travel photographer, but invariably I am reminded of its truth. I took this image less than two hours from where I live. Get out and discover your local area! 

Photo by Jonathan Irish. Follow him on Instagram and his personal website.

Bergen’s Colorful Houses

In the heart of the Norwegian fjords, Bergen is filled with vibrantly painted houses. I had a great time wandering the city taking photos of them. When I came upon this scene, I was struck by the row of houses painted in strong hues. With a wide-angle lens, I tried to capture the feel of this colorful street.

Photo by Jonathan Irish. Follow him on Instagram and his personal website.


Bolshoi Ballet

If you ever find yourself in Moscow, go to the ballet. Amazing plays have been shown at the historic Bolshoi Theatre. Enjoy a ballet in Russian and dream you’re in old-time Moscow during the glory days of the ballet.

Photo Tip: Details help capture the essence of a place. I could have simply taken a photo of the rows of seats and the stage, but when theater tickets are placed beneath a set of binoculars, a story starts to emerge from the image.

Photo by Jonathan Irish. Follow him on Instagram and his personal website.


Boatman in India

When visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, most people are awed by the splendor of the building. When you’re there, be sure to look around, as I would never have found this small boat on the Yamuna River, which runs near the Taj complex had I not kept my eyes open. I love this photo for its simplicity. I can still remember that clear, crisp morning when I imagined how it must have felt to be out on the river.

Photo by Jonathan Irish. Follow him on Instagram and his personal website.


Mesa Arch At Night

For sunrise, you will see a line of photographers and their tripods ready for the light to break out over the distant horizon. However, this arch is beautiful at anytime of day or night. I shot this image near midnight, just as the stars really started to appear fully. It still amazes me how you can see the underside of the arch glow by the moonlight, as it does with the sun.

Photo tip: Break the rules! Most photographers will tell you that the best time to photograph Mesa Arch is at sunset, and they are partly right. However, you wil end up getting the same image that they did. Go ahead and get the sunset shot, but come back later and see how it looks at sunset, or even at midnight. You might just get a really unique and beautiful shot that few other have.

Photo by Jonathan Irish. Follow him on Instagram and his personal website.

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