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Windows and Arches

Photography imitates life: Adding a frame can change your perspective

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Photo/text: Jonathan Irish Source

I shot this image in one of my favorite national parks, Arches in southern Utah. This section, called The Windows, offers some great hiking, as well as some beautiful photo opportunities.

Photo Tip: Look for ways to frame subjects within the photo. Done well, this can make a great image even more interesting.

Photo by Jonathan Irish. Follow him on Instagram and his personal website

Alien Life Form

Want to practice your photography skills? Go to an aquarium. I took this in the Baltimore Aquarium, where the jellyfish were surprisingly difficult to photograph! I never knew jellyfish could move so fast. 

 Photo by Jonathan Irish. Follow him on Instagram and his personal website.

A Castle on Lake Bled

This image of Bled Island was shot from the medieval castle on the north shore of Lake Bled. A popular tourist destination, the lake lies in the heart of the Julian Alps. The view from the castle is serenely beautiful, like something out of a fantasy book. Not many people have Slovenia on their bucket list; I would encourage them to rethink that.

 Photo by Jonathan Irish. Follow him on Instagram and his personal website.

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