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WORKSHEET: Craft Your Reinvention

Get step-by-step instructions on how to create your new narrative from our reinvention expert, Pamela Mitchell.

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by Logan Ward

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This is an exercise that takes time. Do not rush the process; see what unfolds and what limiting beliefs come up around your old story. Imagine the new story—and the new life—you’d like to create.


Step 1. Write down the basics of the internal story you tell yourself about your life, its challenges, and why it is the way it is. If you were explaining the story of your life to someone else, how would you tell it? What would you say about it?

Step 2. Outline the series of events around what happened to cause that story—just the facts, not your interpretation of them! This is your “reality.”

Step 3. Describe your story in one sentence; e.g. “I had lots of opportunity but now I don’t because of x, y & z.” “I have a, b & c in my life, so I can’t have what I want.”

Step 4. Identify the point of your story—why are you telling it? What does it mean to you? What is the “truth” of the story that you’re invested in? How does it keep you safe? 


Step 1. Identify what you want—what you would really like to have happen. Frame this in action mode—“I’d pitch and land a column in X newspaper.” Stay away from passive mode, which invites magical thinking (e.g.“I become rich and....”). 

Step 2. Describe how you would feel when this is happening. Go beyond “happy” and make a list of descriptive words (e.g. powerful, confident, radiant, peaceful).

Step 3. Anchor your reinvention story in a time frame; e.g. one month, one year, five years. It should be grounded in reality—the new one you’re creating!

Step 4. Identify what “truths” you’d have to let go of to make your new story happen. What emotional shifts will you need to make? What beliefs must you give up?

Step 5. Pinpoint how you must transform in order to make your new story happen. Who would you need to “BE”?

Step 6. Outline your new story around the transformation you seek. Identify and create “beats”— actions you’ll take that have a tangible result along with a corresponding emotional and/or spiritual evolution.

(NOTE: The number of “beats” should be tied to the size of the action along with your timeline—if you’ve chosen one month, then you’d have one or two smaller beats. If you’ve chosen a year, go for four or five bigger beats.)

Step 7. Choose your truth. Make a clear decision to live by your new story. Dream about it, write it down, make it part of your day-to-day life. Make it real by telling others! 


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