I went to an event, now what?

Awesome, congratulations on attending a Life Reimagined event! It’s now a great time to sign up for Life Reimagined online, if you haven’t already, and explore other programs you can work on at your leisure. Or check out other events that may interest you.

How do I sign up for an event?

You can access the entire list of Life Reimagined events through our Events section. If you’re really interested in attending one, click on register and follow the instructions.

Why can’t I find any events near me?

Although we do have a lot of Life Reimagined events, we may not have any close to you at this time. If you and your community are interested, invite us to your town and we’ll work with you to try and find something that is of interest. We might even be able to create something near you!

I want to host an event with Life Reimagined. How can I do so?

Email us with your event proposal and we’ll get back to you soon!