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Planning Your Life Reimagined Journey On-Demand Workshop

Ready to make a change in your life? In this on-demand workshop, you’ll learn how the tools and practices of Life Reimagined can help - each step of the way. 

Planning Your Life Reimagined Journey

This workshop is designed to help you get in touch with the real you and start your next life journey energized and focused. We’ll show you six simple steps to live a "Life Reimagined," and point you to resources unique to your life goals and challenges. At the end of this on-demand session, you’ll be ready to embrace what’s possible in life and be equipped with the right plan to achieve it.

On-Demand Workshops

Not able to join us for one of our live group sessions? Try an on-demand version at your leisure. Experience the workshop as if you were there. Our Coach-led videos will walk you through exercises and methods that will help you harness the unique benefits of a reimagined life. You can supplement any questions you have by attending a Coach Q&A online session.