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Discover your hidden talents and create a life and career you love. Life Reimagined: Discovering Your New Life Possibilities will guide you through simple steps to help make change a real possibility.'

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Richard Leider

Legendary Coach, Bestselling Author, Speaker

Author of the best-selling personal growth classics The Power of Purpose and Repacking Your Bags. He is a frequent commentator for the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, New York Times, USA Today and other media.

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Alan Webber

Entrepreneur, Columnist

Alan Webber is the co-founder of Fast Company, a top progressive business magazine and media brand, and an award-winning columnist, editor and author. He is a leading authority on the changing nature of business and culture, noted for his insight into an economy fueled by information, change and innovation.

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  • The Fitness Factor Featuring Betty Smith

    Betty Smith hated her civil service job. After giving birth to her daughter she saw her weight balloon to more than 200 pounds. Now she can run a 72-hour race just a month before her 72nd birthday. Her story shows what’s possible when you live with choice, curiosity, and courage.

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