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Value Your Vision

Do you take notice of nonverbal communication in the business world? This is valuable information. Value what you see, and learn how to make your workplace value it too.

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Take notice to build lasting business relationships

Taking notice of the facial expressions, body postures, and moods of the people you work with is a valuable way to gauge alliances and trustworthiness—both crucial to doing well in the business world. While the bottom line always matters, most businesses are based on relationships and not numbers alone.


The steps you’ll take:

  • How broad is your vision? Find out with a quiz
  • Listen to Sally Helgesen explain why vision matters
  • Articulate what you bring to the workplace
  • Develop a plan to enlist allies in your vision
  • Identify ways to find accountability for your progress


By the end of the program…

You’ll truly value your vision, be ready to advocate for its importance in the business world, and enlist allies in your efforts. This will not only benefit your working style, but also your entire organization.

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