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Real solutions for real life.

Define What Matters

Identify your passions, beliefs and talents to create a purpose statement. Then come up with goals that will bring your purpose to life.

Get Support

Your coach will help you look at the big picture and then together you'll come up with a plan on how to reach your goals, step-by-step.

Move Forward

After talking to a coach, commit to your new action plan with programs, articles and quizzes handpicked for you - and the life you want.

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Who are our coaches?

Our trusted Life Reimagined coaches have five or more years of experience coaching people in work, relationship and life matters.They provide the support and guidance you need, with online convenience at a time that works for you. One-to-one sessions with your life coach deliver a fun array of exercises to help you set purposeful goals and a highly-effective plan to help you reach them.All of our coaches:

  • Hold industry-certified credentials from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or National Career Development Association (NCDA), and have a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Have completed comprehensive Life Reimagined training focused on life transitions and inspiring self-discovery
  • Are fully vetted, via background check.

Hear from real Life Reimagined users

Hear from real Life Reimagined users

Here's what people are saying about our coaches and Life Reimagined:

  • "It was like having someone shine a light on my cluttered mind. It helped me organize my thoughts and plans." - Angie
  • "It makes you search yourself to find what you want out of life right now. It was wonderful, I learned a lot and will definitely apply it to my life." - Michelle
  • "At first, I felt overwhelmed but after I felt more hopeful because the coach helped me realize what was important to me." - Harriet
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