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Life Crafting: Sculpting Yourself Into a Masterpiece

Art is often said to be the most enduring proof of our uniqueness as humans. None of Earth’s other creatures have the ability to conjure such majestic triumphs as the Taj Mahal, the Sistine Chapel or a Beethoven symphony. That’s because creating art requires the ability to envision a reality more promising than the one you’re in. While many of us might not be blessed with a composer’s ear, a painter’s eye or an inventor’s mind, each of us is born with our own unique aesthetic. That aesthetic can help shape the essence of who we are.

Finding Calm in the Age of Overwhelm

How to Turn Your Worst Traits Into Your Best Assets

Quick, without overthinking the question, what are your worst personality traits—the ones you don’t mention in a job interview? (Do we really think potential employers buy into our declarations that perfectionism and an overzealous work ethic are our main weaknesses?) No, we want you to fess up to your really unappealing tendencies. Are you feared for your explosive diatribes? Your abrupt impatience? Narcissism that makes Donald Trump seem humble?

Are You Ready for a Second Coming-of-Age?

Once, when you were quite young, your future was full of possible lives. Maybe now is the right time to reach out and reclaim the best of them.